Thursday, February 26, 2009

My first pro game.

Last night I went to the Knicks vs Magic game in MSG.  It is my first ever pro basketball game.  It was a lot of fun.  I can not believe how fast the players play.  I have watched years and years of college basketball and I do not remember ever seeing a college game go that fast.  It was unbelievable.  The athletes in the NBA are ridiculous.

Nate Robinson NYK really had an impact on me.  He was the spark plug on NY.  He went 1000mph all the time, never stopping.  His spin moves where lightning quick and he has a really explosive first few steps.  

Dwight Howard from the magic is one of the best big guys I think I have ever seen.  He had a double double within seven min of the game.  He is really quick off of his feat for a big man.  I think in a couple of years when he gets stronger he will go down as one of the all time greats.  He is going to be a real terror on the league.  

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