Thursday, February 19, 2009

You know he isnt going to stay but she should

David Beckham the most famous soccer player in the world is looking to get a contract from AC Milan.  He is with the team right now but he is on loan from the LA Galaxy that is in the last month of the term.  

I really dont want to see Becks go, he is an amazing player.  I watched him when he and the Galaxy came to Minneapolis.  Except no one was there to see the Galaxy they were there to see him.  I dont even they want to let him go.  They are getting world wide fame and sales just from his name.  No one gives to shits for them but when they have the most popular player in the world everyone loves them.  I do think he should continue playing at the highest level.  He is one of the best he should play with the best.  He is a natural competitor, and if he stays in the US he only get worse.

If he goes his wife needs to stay just so I can see her on TMZ and in tabloids.  She is absolutely beautiful I mean look at her, I dont even know if I can name five women that are better looking than her, well maybe I can but she is definitely in the top ten.  Lets face it when they leave the US just wont care, and they will be forgotten.  Except by people that follow the sport.

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