Thursday, February 19, 2009

Idea stealers

One thing the advertising industry hates, are idea stealers.  People who take ideas and claim it as your own.  Sometimes it just happens but other times people steal ideas because they cant come up with anything themselves.  These people always get caught because the ad community will call you out as soon as they can.  

Since I have been at the Miami Ad School I have never had anyone steal my idea, that was until now.  My group had an idea for the history channel and now I have learned that another group has taken it and called it theirs.  The exact same IDEA written in the same way.  They stole it because when they originally presented it they had nothing even close to it.  I just cant believe it, they are spending the money to go here and they are stealing ideas.  Maybe I should be happy that it was my groups idea to begin with, and they say imitation is the best form of flattery.  I think it is complete bullshit.  It has me questioning them all together, they never show up to class with marker comps or anything finished for the class, they make them in class and they always go last.  In fact they have had ideas that are similar to other groups before as well.  But it's hard to say when they never have anything set on a page when they show up in class and they are the last to present that makes you wonder, are they taking ideas that the teachers spew out from other peoples ideas or what? 

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