Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to the Greatest

Back when I was a kid there was only one team that mattered in the NBA.  Da Bulls.  They were the greatest team ever, it might of been because of the kooky hair due of Dennis Rodman, or the revolutionary coaching of Phil, but if I was to say that it would be a flat out lie.  The only reason why the Bulls where the most popular team in the 90's was because of #23.  The greatest player to ever play the game.  If you look now at the two guard they all imitate him Lebron, Kobe, and who ever else plays that position.  Before him you had to have a good center to win a title, he changed that.  He was number 2 or 3 in all time scoring when he retired three times.  If he would have kept playing with the bulls he would have more rings than any other person in the history of the NBA.  He changed the game like no other before him.  I will also say that I really have not payed any attention to the NBA since he left in 98.
Happy 46th birthday MJ.

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