Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Streak for the Cash is so frustrating and fun at the same time.

ESPN has a game on their website called Streak for the Cash, and it is owning me right now.  Every time I log on to my computer I check the site to see how I am doing and to research the future games.  The object of the game is to choose 27 straight winners correctly to win a million dollars.  They give you games that you can choose the winner, how much they will score, or even match two players up against each other.  Sounds easy right?  

Some people have done really well at it and win 70 games a month but me I really struggle to stay over five hundred.  My highest streak that I have had this year is 7 only seven.  I won 7 then I lost five in a row.  

This game is keeping me active on sports, I don't have cable at home so I am unable to watch any of the games (ESPN is buying all the rights to every sporting event and only showing them on their station).  This is keeping me right in there, checking states, rosters and making what I think are informed decisions about the options.  

This game drives me nuts.  I should know who should win so I pick them, then the other team or another person pulls a rabbit out of their hat.  Having a choice to pick two people that average 24 points combined sounds like a good choice compared to one player that averages 24 points.  But when the game ended the one player put up 40 while the two players put up 10.  How are the two best players of the team only going to put up 10 points now really.

If I get hit by lightning I still wont win this game, but that is ok, I just like to play

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