Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bye Bye Marbury!

Fianally the saga of Starbury and Knicks has ended.  The Knicks have finally unloaded the most useless player in the NBA.  He hasnt played a game since last January, when they needed him this year he refused to play.  Marbury has talent, I wont deny that, but every team that he goes to blows up.  Basketball is about a team, but he thinks he should be the only one that has a spotlight.  I think he has maybe been in the playoff once or twice in his 13 year career.  Once he leaves a team they get a lot better.  See the Nets, the Suns and now the Knicks.  In fact the Knick fans should thank him for leaving, because now they can be a contender again, and clear up room to get LBJ.

The Celtics are the team that want to sign Marbury and he has basically said that he will play for them.  I know the Celtics need people to come off of the bench or be a cheerleader like Cassel was on the bench, but Marbury is not that person.  He is going to be very rusty, he has stayed away from the Knicks for the entire year, he will be in game shape when the season is over.  But the Celtics say that they have a really chemistry in the locker room, now they are really going to have to prove it.

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