Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I almost forgot presidents day

See how much yesterdays holiday means to me.  I and the rest of America only see it as a day off.  Why don't we have a tradition of celebrating the people that were in control of the country?  But here is my tribute to those great men.  

George Washington * John Adams * Thomas Jefferson * James Madison * James Monroe * John Quincy Adams * Andrew Jackson * Martin Van Buren * William Henry Harrison * John Tyler * James K. Polk * Zachary Taylor * Millard Fillmore * Franklin Pierce * James Buchanan * Abraham Lincoln * Andrew Johnson * Ulysses S. Grant * Rutherford B Hayes * James Garfield * Chester Arthur * Grover Cleveland * Benjamin Harrison * Grover Cleveland * William McKinley * Theodore Roosevelt * William H. Taft * Woodrow Wilson * Warren Harding * Calvin Coolidge * Herbert Hoover * Franklin D. Roosevelt * Harry S. Truman * Dwight D. Eisenhower * John F. Kennedy * Lindon Bains Johnson * Richard Nixon *Gerald Ford * Jimmy Carter * Ronald Reagan * George H. W. Bush * Bill Clinton * George W. Bush * Barrak Obama

I have to say pretty exciting.  Being a history major I should be able to name all of the presidents.  Some are tricky because they only served for a few months while others literally did nothing in eight years.  I didnt want to put Obama on it but since he is president I had to, lets see if he will be remembered or forgotten in 200 years.  

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