Tuesday, February 17, 2009

submissions to the Clios

Last week I freaked out.  Thats because Awards are starting to come around.  Some how I got bit by that damn bug this year.  I want to win, I think I can and will win.  But submitting it is all the hassle I really don't want.  When you submit they have a ton of rules that you have to abide by, and if you don't, you get screwed.  So to prevent paying the money just for them to throw it out immediately we have to read five pages of entry requirements.  Anytime you read instructions you get bored to death.  Men don't read instructions, I know women do, but if men or at least I don't.  I hate them.  If it is suppose to look a certain way, I can look at the box, if my end game doesn't look that way then shit, but then you throw it out and have someone make it for you.

But this award is a little different, it is like the grammies, the rest of the world doesn't care but it is prestigious to the people that win.  So I made sure I know what I had to do, well the girl next to me was submitting to the same event so I just followed her.

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