Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Not knowing where I am going is always fun.

After going to the Miami Ad School for a year you are allowed to travel and take greenhouses, internships or even classes all around the world.  

The greenhouses are classes that are in an agency.  They can give you live briefs but not that many, you do have teachers in the agency to give classes.  They are a great opportunity to work on your book and learn in an agency atmosphere.  The only problem with the greenhouses is that there are not very much of them, so sometimes they can be very hard to find a good one.   It doesnt help that after every quarter one more agency drops it.

Luckily there are more internships to apply to, except they have good agencies and bad ones.  The good ones everyone seems to apply to.  The bad ones accept you right away because they may not see anymore books.  You can learn from both it is just with the better ones you learn more.  The worst part about the internships is that they take for ever to tell you that they want you.  They make people want to jump out of buildings because they can not take the waiting.

Classes are boring, it is what you have do for the first year.  Why keep going, I just don't know.  The other two you put on your resume which make them cool.  Classes are fine, I will probably do that my final quarter, hopefully at the San Francisco school.  

One of the big problems right now is some of the biggest agencies are pulling out. They didn't pull out at the beginning of the quarter but very close to the end.  This is leaving people like me, stuck without a place to go at the moment.  My first choice DDB Chicago pulled out last week.  Five weeks after I applied, so I sat in NY with a thumb up my butt because I thought I was going to go there.  I haven't heard a peep about my second (Draftfcb, Chicago) or my third (Saatchi NY).  But I am holding on to these moments as they pass.  I know I will go somewhere, I just don't know where. 

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