Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A three hour chase in a Bentley

Chris Brown lead police on a three hour chase today in his Bentley.  He is obviously not smart to take a less noticeable car on a chase.  Or maybe he just wanted to pay tribute to OJ with a white car that started with a B.  Because no matter where you go you will never outrun the cops in a white Bentley.  He figured that his $200,000 car would mix in with all of those Hondas, Toyota's and Fords.  

All of this happened because his knuckles got frisky had a little to much fun on Rihanna's face.  He was auditioning for the Ultimate Fighter.  I don't think hitting a woman is right but if I was that rich I wouldn't care cause I could get away with anything.  But if I were to lead to cops again in a high speed chase it would be in a Bugatti, 1,000 horsepower garentees the cops wont catch me.

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