Monday, February 2, 2009

Another entertaining game

The game last night was unbelievable.  It was exactly how a superbowl should be.  Very entertaining and action pact.  It went right down the the wire.  I had told a friend "The Cards by three," at the very beginning of the game.  
The first quarter I thought the Steelers might blow out the Cards.  I thought the cards may have reverted back to the way they where before the playoffs began.  But they turned it around in the second quarter.  The started playing like the team of the playoffs.  Everything clicked for them in the second quarter until that last 16 seconds when the beast Harrison intercepted the ball that was thrown right to him and marched down the field for the touchdown.  That was an amazing play.  I thought one of his own players was going to knock him over for a while but he kept marching down and no one could stop him.

In the forth quarter with the Cards made a late charge, Forcing a fumble and finally getting the ball to there play maker Fitzgerald.  I think he caught six of his seven catches in the last quarter.  He finally got the ball and he showed why he had been the best playmaker of the playoffs.  But his heroics where not enough.  The Steelers also had a player wearing a cape that day, Holmes.  He was the only reason why the Steelers won.  He was the best player on the field yesterday by far.  He was the one who moved the Steelers up the field.  His last catch that put the Steelers over the top is something young receivers will dream of doing for years. 
Thanks to all the players of the Steelers and Cardinals for providing America with a great game

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