Friday, January 30, 2009

SuperBowl madness

I am excited for the superbowl this year.  I hope that it is a really good game like last year.  Last years game between the Patriots and Giants was unbelievable.  I never thought the Pats where going to loose a game last season and it just happens that the only blemish that they had was in the very last game of the year.  But this year is different, we dont have a team trying to reach for perfection, or set themselves in history as one of the all time greats.  We have two teams not great but good all the same.  One is a classic underdog, before they came into these playoffs they only won like one playoff game in the teams history, sixty years ago.  And the other, a defensive powerhouse that has struck fear in the hearts of many QBs.

This game is not going to be a high scoring game, or a great offensive game but it is going to be close.  It is going to be a battle of two tough defenses.  It should be very exciting to watch the hard hits and the guys flying around everywhere.  

Another reason why I am interested in the superbowl is to watch the commercials.  These Iconic commercials that everyone will be praising or mocking thing next day.  Maybe we see some brilliance or maybe we wont.  You never know.

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