Tuesday, January 13, 2009

While they delayed my flight they stole my pants from under me.

Last thurs I was suppose to move from Des Moines to NYC.  I even woke up early to get on my flight that was suppose to leave from Des Moines International Airport (I really don't believe this airport is international because it really only redirects flights to MSP, Detroit, Chicago, ST Louis, and so on but that is a different subject) to Detroit at 10:10.  So I got there checked my bags that cost me $105 because NWA has a $15 followed by a $90 fee because it was over weight.

But of course my plane got delayed by an hour and a half.  I missed my connection to JFK, but that was OK, I like the detroit air port.  This is only the second time I had been there but I think it is a cool place.  So NWA transferred me over to Delta, because they didn't have any more flights from detroit to jfk.  So I waited and waited for a plane to go to JFK, it became delayed then delayed even more until they finally cancelled the flight all together.  

While everyone was waiting in the line that wouldnt move to get their tickets changed, I walked over to the counter that was boarding, there was no line and no one was even boarding any more.  They put me on the plane, in fact it was the one they were boarding.  My new destination to get a connection to NY was Atlanta.  I had to run across the airport to get on the plane to LaGuardia.  As soon as got on the plane it took off.  It was the only plane for the day that I didn't have to wait for.  

When I went to the baggage claim to pick up my over weight bag.  And it didn't make it.  The people who are in charge of that sort of thing said it was in JFK and that they will have it delivered to me the next day.  They delivered it to my apt.  That was awesome.  I opened it all excited cause I could finally change out of the clothes I traveled and walked all over NY in.  Open it put everything away and some of the new cloths I bought right before I came were gone.  DELTA STOLE MY PANTS!  A brand new pair of jeans that I never got a chance to wear, gone.  So they made me wait and the stole my pants right out from under me.

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