Friday, January 23, 2009

Really good restaurant for lunch

For the past two days I have gone to the Isle Thai restaurant for lunch.  I know I know I need to find a new place but its so good.  I went by myself the first and had a very pleasureable experience.  I got the Pad Thai and the chicken and shrimp steamed dumplings because it is buy a meal and get an app for free.  I washed some of the best Pad Thai I have ever had down with some green tea.  My bill came and it had to be over $15 for you to use your card.  So I ordered desert because I was five dollars short.  Banana's wrapped in an egg roll shell, honey and a pink ice cream.  This was absolutely amazing as well, capped the meal off really well.

Today I went with Virgina and Gustavo two other interns, back to the area.  It's not a far walk from where I intern at so might as well.  We were looking for a restaurant in the West Village and I told them that I ate there yesterday and it was good.  They wanted to try.  So today I had Summer roll app and Drunken noodles.  Washed that down with another hot tea called Japanese Brown Rice.  That was good as well.

I highly recommend this restaurant.  Some of the best Thai I have ever had

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