Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How much is enough?

More grim news on the financial front.  GM and Chrysler are asking for more money, again.  They are saying that they may need $30 billion more but they can get by for a while on $16.6 Billion.  They might be able to pay us back when the companies become profitable in two years that is if they dont go bankrupt first.  Then they pose the threat that if they dont get the money they are for sure going to go bankrupt.  Now who is holding the gun, the government or these companies?  

I think they do need help and that we should help them out a little bit, but not this much.  I want to know what the people that are running these companies are doing.  Are they putting their own money in?  Spending their savings?  Taking a pay cut?  Making workers take a pay cut (the bad thing is the Unions would never let that happen even though it needs to)?  Or are they taking all they can get to buy their own island in the Bahamas?  

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