Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How much are we going to throw at these failing companies?

I believe that we need to do something to get us out of this recession, but throwing money at failing companies is not the answer.  They end up paying themselves in bonuses with the our money.  Isn't the US in enough debt already?  I know that if some of these companies fail could destroy our economy.  But if they keep failing with our money then they fucked us.  In my opinion they got in this situation they need to find there own way out of it.  Someone will find a way to take there place, survival of the fittest, it's happen for ages let it keep happening.

What if these companies take the money and still go belly up?  What if they are never able to pay back what they take?  What then, if they failed once why do you think throwing money will help them change that.  They still have the same people running the biz.

An Economic Stimulus at our own cost.  

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