Wednesday, February 25, 2009

On the way

A breeze gently floats across a park.  Trees that have been dormant start to come back to life, sawaying back and forth.  The pathway of sand and gravel becomes a ballroom for the orange and crimson leaves.  The leaves move together in pairs across the walk way, as if they had choreographed the entire event months before.

One of the leaves blows across the path and rests on a man's pants.  Without a hesitation the man reaches down to get a better look at what is on his pants.  His glacier blue eyes focus on the cream colored leaf with bright red veins.  His corse hand comes out of the warm pocket of his coat.  He reaches down and gently grabs the stem lifts the leaf closer to his eyes.  A smile comes over his face, not any smile a child's smile.  Throwing the leaf in the air he watches as it does a dance right above him before it goes off to join the others.

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