Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I called a creative recruiter today

A job can come from a simple phone call, but why is the phone call so difficult to do?  I can talk to them face to face and have no fear, but on the phone I am hesitant.  I don't know why that is.  Before I call I always sit there with the number on my phone thinking what do I want to say, how do I want to say, and structure the conversation before it ever happens.  It goes well when everything goes to plan, but when they throw me a curve ball I get all nervous and start to panic.  I have more trouble talking on the phone than walking up to the prettiest girl in the bar and talking to her.  To me that is easy, I can start a conversation with anyone at any moment when I can see them.  It is just when I do it on the phone I freeze up for some reason.

The call went fine.  I talked to the creative recruiter for a little bit and she has to get back to me about an internship.  I would really like an internship at DDB Chicago, it's a bad ass agency and would look good on the resume.  

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