Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This weekend I made a choice.

This last weekend I had to make three choices on where I would like to go next quarter. It was really hard to choose because this quarter unlike the past didnt have very many choices to choose from. A lot of the agencies pulled out this year because of the financial crisis. It has hit the agency world hard. A couple of weeks ago Fallon in Minneapolis let go of 14 or so creatives. It isnt a fun time to be looking for a job, and I will have to do that in six months. But anyways, the three choices that I made where to go to BBDO energy in Chicago for an internship, McGarry Bowen in New York City for an internship, and to stay at Crispin Porter + Bogusky and do the portfolio program but if that fills up by the time that gets to me I would do the greenhouse. I really dont care which one of these I go to because I like them all. They are really cool and would be a lot of fun. I love it here at Crispin but I would also like to be paid. Wish me luck.

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