Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fun in the mountians

Yesterday a friend and I went to Estes Park Colorado to do some mountain climbing. We stopped at the side of the road where you come into Estes. It was a place that you would be able to view the town that is in the bowl of the mountains surrounding it.

At this place they have these little Squinnies or Chipmunks, I really dont know the difference between them, that would come and be friendly with you. If you sit still they will come and run all over you. You can even feed them like we did. I made sure that we brought some bread to give to the little guys.

We then walked down from the road and became engulfed in trees. Every once and a while we would come to a clearing but it didnt last for to long. We came to a clearing on a hill and that is where we decided which mountain we would climb.

On our way to the mountain we found a lot of deer heads that where just bones. I felt bugs bunny would come and try to give us false directions to the area we needed to go to. It was weired just seeing the skeleton head, there were no other bones left.

When we got to the foot of the mountain the entire vegetation changed. It was night and day different. One side had grass and brush while the mountain had more of a desert type feel to it with cactus and lots of rocks. My friend ended up sticking his hand in some cacti which didnt look very fun, but was funny at the time.

The way up the mountain was tough we kept switching directions. Some of the rocks we couldnt climb up because they where smooth and went at an angle. It took us a long time to get up to the spot that we wanted. We went to a spot where the cliff over looks the town very beautiful.

Going down was completely different. It was hard really hard. But we came down without getting hurt so that was good. And we finally made it back to where I parked the car.

We were not suppose to go where we did but we didnt see the sign no trespassing until we got back. We did pass buy a beautiful house on the way, tucked inbetween to mountains with a view of the city. Over all Mission Accomplished.

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