Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Boulder Boulder

This weekend Boulder had an event, it was the Creek Festival and ended with the Boulder Boulder run. I went to it twice, once by myself and the second with some friends. To be honest I was not that impressed. It was something to do dont get me wrong but impressive it was not. It might have been because the weather didnt really want to cooperate with us being cloudy and rainy all weekend, but I just thought it was really boring. It would be way more interesting if I was a little kid, because they do have a ton of stuff to do for kids. But when you are no longer able to fit on the little rides you look for other ways to have fun. So you would keep walking until you found something to do. They did have live performances, but they didnt really make me want to stay and listen to them. I wasn't feeling it i guess. A lot of people where selling junk for a hefty price. I just dont get it, they where selling things for $60 and it looked like a child made it. But it's art, to me it looks like crap but to someone else it is a masterpiece. I just dont see it though, how can something that they mass produce be art, I am one of those people that like those one of a kind masterpieces, not something you give to a manufacturer and say hey make me a thousand.

On Monday they had the annual Boulder to Boulder 10K run. From what I understand is they had a really really good turn out for that. They have about 50,000 people run every year. But when you went you could either watch the runners or you can go look at the tents so the day really wasnt that much different, I just had friends to go with us.

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