Tuesday, May 12, 2009

good times with the gf.

This past weekend I had a really good time with my girlfriend. We went to many different places around Boulder and in Colorado. The best place that we went to was called Estes Park which is home of the Rocky Mountain tourist center or something like that. It is this little ski town that is tucked away in the valley of the mountains surrounding it. Getting there from Boulder was amazing. All of the mountains beauty on a nice sunny day. The red rocks marked the end of civilization and the beginning of beauty.

The town was a little touristy but that is ok because of the beauty that surrounds it. You cant help it great sights attract people. The little stores that made fudge and chocolate smelled amazing. We didnt stop into any of them because we ate right before we walked past them. The town was made on a stream which I found interesting. Water flows through the town and they have seemed to embrace the water way by building everything around it.

I also showed her around Boulder and she really liked it. The last couple of places where I have been she liked but she never talked about moving there. Boulder is different because when I talked to her on the phone she actually thought about leaving her favorite place in the world Chicago to come live here if I get a job. I hope I get a job at Crispin Porter + Bogusky, it would be a great start for my career. She had never talked about really moving to any of the places where I was except for now. So mission Accomplished!

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