Friday, May 8, 2009


I just went to see the new Star Trek movie. I am not the biggest Treky or even watch it anymore. But I did grow up on the Next Generation, because my parents always had it on. I had watched some of the old Star Trek but never got into it.

I loved this movie. The effects and storyline are amazing. They did a really good job casting a bunch of nobodies. Spock was chosen perfectly because I couldnt imagine anyone playing it better, I am a big fan of him from heros, playing an emotional deprived character is really good. That is because he walks that fine line of emotion and emotionless.

I will say coming from Iowa that the early scenes with Jim Kirk looked like nothing I have ever seen from Iowa. It looked more like Nebraska to me. But the character was fun and interesting.

My girlfriend loved the movie and she knows nothing about Star Trek. She wanted to go more then me and has been ranting and raving about the movie since it ended. She really liked the character that played Kirk because she thinks he is hot. I have no opinion about that.

If you are not a Treky you can watch this movie. They explain everything in a clear simple way. It is the beginning so they start you from scratch. They even bring back Lenard Nemoy as the original Spock, who comes from the future.

I give this five out of five stars. It is a must see, a good date movie and just interesting.

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