Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's all about the Youtube baby.

Over the years Youtube has made people stars for stuff that they have done. Weither it has been cool things or really dumb things it really doesnt matter. We have had the always hilarious every time you watch him Starwars Kid, Chocolate Rain, the bringing back of a 80s pop star the rick roll and now we have the funny Keyboard Cat. It is funny and cute at the same time. Yeah the keyboard cat uses funny material to do it's jokes but it is funny even without the intro. The cat plays the keyboard so well and it looks like he is actually in the moment for it which makes it better.

Unlike the infamous Rick Roll the Keyboard cat is in the name of the video, so you know what to really expect. But every time it is just so damn funny. I want to be in the video with a Keyboard cat that is my new aspiration in life.

This is my favorite one of all.

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