Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Today my favorite Soccer or as the rest of the world calls it Football team lost today. I was so excited to watch the Champions League final today that I went to a bar and got ready for a good game. Manchester United versus Barcelona. I am a really big Red Devil fan due to it was the first team that I started to follow when I gave the sport a chance. I know it is like rooting for the Yankees but I like to watch the sport and follow it because of them.

The game started in Boulder around 12:45pm, so a friend and I went to The Lazy Dog off of Pearl street to watch the game. It was really packed for an afternoon game. All the TV's where on the game and people where going crazy. We where finally able to get some food and sit down in the second half but that is ok.

I got ready with my Manchester United track jacket and my ever going energy to cheer. I was one of those guys that in the middle of the bar would shout "Glory, Glory, Man United, Glory, Glory Man United." But they didnt hear me for some reason because in the first half they where completely lost. They did not look like the Red Devil Team that I am use to. At times they looked as if they never played the game before, terrible passes I mean terrible. A pass that gave up a corner kick when they didnt have to pass it back. That pass Vidic tried to give to Van Der Saar was terrible, it was way outside of the box, and he expected him to get it.

The second half got a little better substituting Tevez seemed as if it pumped more energy into the squad. But it didnt do too much. Same result they got dominated. The stars of Manchester didnt show up. The only one that did was Ronaldo and he wasnt even able to get the ball. He played way far up front in the formation and they couldnt get him the ball if his life depended on it. It is sad that he was the only ManU player to step up and do well, the rest faded away or did nothing.

Barcelona on the other hand showed up and controlled the game completely. There where times that they where distressed but the pressure didnt last for long. They soon got the ball back and shoved it to the other end of the field. I think most of their possession was in Manchesters half. At no time in the game did they not look in control. I also think Messi is one of the greatest players in the game today, he was the star of this afternoons game.

Even thought ManU lost 2-0 they are still my team. They got to the final, that is tough enough especially getting there twice in a row. There is always next year.

Go Red Devil's.

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