Thursday, May 14, 2009

Idea's are like poop it comes when it wants too.

Idea's are something that can't be rushed or unthoughtout. You work on them and work on them until they finaly peak their ugly head out of the hole they come from. Sometimes it takes hours others it takes days and weeks. You never really know. Keeping your mind right is very important for your ideas, for me I have realized I need to do other things to keep me busy and that makes my ideas better. I dont know what it is but when I play video games I sit with a pad of paper and write all my ideas that come to my head about a client. When I am done I look back over my list and pick my favorite things out of it.

Here at CP+B ideas are at a premium. I think it is because of the competition or that altitude. I think it is the altitude because you get less oxygen to the brain making you think of funny little things. It has been working for me, I feel my ideas here have been really really good for some reason, I just need to execute them.

Some say that the big idea is always the hardest thing to come up with, and for me they are right and wrong. Yeah it takes a lot of time to come up with that one amazing idea that will be killer to all that look at it, but the execution has to say your idea simply. Because if it doesnt your idea will become lost. I usually have to come up with about 100 or so executions just to make the idea good.

I have learned a lot since I have been here and I hope to learn a lot more. Right now CP+B is on the top of my list to get hired at.

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