Saturday, March 14, 2009

That bastards flooding my apartment

The person that lives in the apartment above me is flooding my apartment.  For the past hour and a half my bathroom has had a constant stream of water flowing from the ceiling.  This isnt the first time this has happened but it has never been this bad.  It is even dripping outside of the bathroom.  I have pots and a bucket trying to gather all of the water and I have already had to dump them twice.  I have standing water in the bathroom and it is leaking to the hard wood flooring.

The SOB isnt even in his apartment.  I hear the water dripping from his door, what the fuck is he doing.  He either takes one bath a month and just leaves the tub full or I dont even know.  The water is a dark yellow color.  I have taken all of my valuables and taken them off of the floor.  

I have contacted the person that I sublease from but that cant do anything until the douchebag gets home

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