Thursday, March 5, 2009

The dismantling of the Cowboys

The past two days have been big for the Cowboys, yesterday they finally released the cancer T.O. and today they have released their Safety Roy Williams.  I expect that they are going to release a few more people by the end of the week.  Jerry Jones has finally got the idea that it is a team game, no one player is more important then the other.  I think last summers signing of the Thug pacman finally showed him that.

I love this, I absolutely hate the Cowboys.  Watching them on Fox having Troy give his two cents have driven me nuts for the past couple of years.  They are always a favorite but they are never really that good.  Starting off strong doesn't mean that you will end strong.  September and October they maybe the team to beat but everyone beats them in November and December.

T.O. is the biggest ass right now in sports I think.  He goes to a team and destroys them right after.  I hope people that are in charge of signings find that out and dont sign him.  If you have a good thing going already you don't need T.O.  Don.t give that bastard the lime light that he wants.

Roy Williams on the other hand is a really good player and I have no idea why they let him go.  But I am thankful that they did.  I would like to see the Vikings go after him to anchor the D.

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