Monday, August 10, 2009

Stripper pole and Miley Cyrus.

No surprise that a performer causes a stir after a performance at some show. Last night it was Miley Cyrus who caused the ruckus at the Teen Choice Awards. Even though the show hasn't aired yet there is leaked footage of the teeny bopper standing next to a pole. Some reason the pole is on an ice cream cart, nothing like cold strippers and ice cream. It really wasn't even that provocative but some news organization is going crazy over it. Saying that a girl shouldn't do things like that and wear that skimpy of an outfit on it. Well the outfit really isn't the problem. You see girls showing off what they have more and more. She wore shorts and a shirt that really isn't that provocative. I see girls wear that stuff all the time, and even shorter ones than what she had on. As for the pole, she didnt do anything with it. She didn't dance (not that she can) on it or anything she held the damn thing for balance big whoop. When I first saw the story I thought she was going to do something crazy then it was just lame.