Sunday, August 9, 2009

People turn down free beer.

When you hear "Free beer and food," you would think people would come running wouldn't you? I thought so too. I mean that is what I did when I heard it. I made a B-line straight to the party.
I went to the Optimus party in Downtown Chicago. It is a production house that throws a huge party every year. It is where they invite all the ad agencies around and they just supply everything.
But when I tried to get some of my friends to come saying hey there is free beer and food here they didnt want to come. I told them not to worry about it and that they should come anyways. But they didnt. So that is why I writing this post because I never thought in a million years that people would deny free beer. I mean when you give anything out for free people come, but if you give beer out I always thought people would break down the door. I was wrong. I really couldnt believe it.
Ask yourself would you go for free beer and be in a huge party or would you back out?

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