Monday, August 31, 2009

Excited for football!

Finally sports resume again this weekend. After the long summer of boredom, sports is returning with a vengence. The NCAA Football starts this weekend. I know I will sit down hours just to watch the games. The first game I plan to see is my Iowa Hawkeyes play a warm up against UNI. Northern Iowa isn't a slouch either, it's just that they can not compete against a big program like Iowa.

There are going to be a lot of good games this year cause I think that every passing year the game just gets better and better.

They say that the Big Ten conference is going to be down this year again. I really do not agree with the experts. I do agree that there is one team that is always on top, Ohio State, but anyone can beat anyone in that league. It is really amazing how teams that dont have a chance can pull out a win. I will admit it isn't a top level conference but it doesnt deserve the dogging that it has gotten the past couple of years. The season always ends to early there are still teams that play while the big ten sits on it's ass.

Lets go Hawkeyes, future big ten champs.

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