Thursday, October 1, 2009

I have started looking for a job.

Last week I offically started looking for a job. I called a ton of ad agencies just getting the name and email of someone so I can contact them to get a job. I sent everything out this Monday. A nice coverletter and then a link to my website. I think I have only gotten two or three responses out of all the emails that I sent and I sent like 50. I even less responses when I called them all. Only two or three people really answered their phone. I dont know what it was but no one answered. It sucked, why couldn't someone just give me a job when I got out of the school, it would have made it so much easier than what I am doing now. I mean leaving messages and emails that people are not looking at or answering really sucks. Today no one called me back, same with yesterday. I guess I just need to hit this harder than I am right now. Next week I am going to call and send 30 emails a day. if I send that many one or two would have to bit now wouldn't they?

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