Friday, September 25, 2009

Ann Sather Review

Today I finally decided that I should wake up and go have breakfast at Ann Sather. Ever since I have been in Chicago I have wanted to go to the restaurant cause it never seemed as if it was open except for in the morning. I never got it.

I had the Southern decadence, which is eggs over sausage over biscuits with gravy over it all. It was good. But the best part of the experience was ordering two sides to go with it. I ordered cinnamon rolls and hashbrowns. The hashbrowns were ok but the cinnamon rolls were amazing. I have never had rolls that good. I really recommend going there and ordering them. When I go home I think I will order some and take them back home with me.

The meal was good but the rolls were great. They give you two and it is like you might not need anything else. I got the rolls early and first and I was stuffed. But if I went back I think I would just get the rolls cause they are the best thing that I had. That is why I give the restaurant only 3 stars.

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