Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I can not believe I missed this last week!

Well first off I would like to congratulate Barack Obama for winning the Nobel Peace Prize. That is a huge accomplishment for anyone in the world to put on the shelf. He really deserved this award cause he, well he...oh shit he has never done anything and some how he wins.

It really seems to be a thing with him. He was something that I can not remember before he was elected to Senate, a community organizer I think. And he didn't do anything drastic for the community. He was in the Senate where he definitely didn't do anything except show up, because he needed it to be on the record. But showing up doesn't mean voting for anything. He could have and someone else click his buzzer to present for all I know and he becomes president. Lets face it, he hasn't really done anything except give us more debt as president either.

In school they teach us that an award like the peace prize is given to those who do the most for the world to keep the peace. I never thought they would give it to a guy that just talked about peace to win an election, and never taking action for it.

Some people might say that he has strengthened our allies trust in us, our allies supported Bush too, not to mention, Clinton, Bush, Regan, you get the point. The world has learned from WWI and WWII, they don't want another fiasco. Of course our allies got interested in Obama, he is our leader. They wanted to see who the guy was and what he stood for. But he really hasn't done anything to strengthen our foreign relationships.

Last but not least how pitiful is our Nobel judging system allowing someone that has been all talk win their award. I really think they have made a mockery this year of the award. If there is no one worth giving it to, dont give it to anyone.

Obama should never accept this award, not to mention they should have never given it to him.

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