Monday, October 5, 2009

Review of the Cleveland Show.

Seth Macfarlane has created another cartoon based television show after the hit series Family Guy. This one unlike the very lame American Dad is a spin off of the original. It uses the character Cleveland as he leaves the group to start his own show. He and his son that you haven't seen since the beginning of Family Guy go down to Virginia to start a new life. Well they get stuck in Virginia at least. Cleveland Jr, his son was a hyper spastic kid when he appeared on FG now he is just a fat slug.

Now for the review of the show. I wanted to wait to see two episodes before I gave my opinion, giving the show the benefit of the doubt. Premieres are always hard to do and only a few shows have done it right. I got the same conclusion on last nights show as I did the original, IT SUCKS. First of all why would you set a series on a guy that you used as brief comic relief. The house blows up and he is in the bath tub only to fall to the ground saying no no no no. Sometimes he had a funny part but not many times. Quagmire would have a way better series. Second the show is just not that funny. They try and do the same thing that FG does with the flashbacks and stuff and that is stupid, make it original. Cleveland isn't funny without the rest of the FG characters.

The only thing that I think is funny about the show is the little kid, and he is only funny one out of the five things he tries to say. The show is awful and I hope it gets pulled. I haven't been this disappointed since Macfarlane drew American Dad. I recommend not watching this show.

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