Monday, November 23, 2009

J.Lo has lost it.

Jennifer Lopez use to have talent right? Searching the deepest crevices of my memory banks I am not that sure. I remember that she had a few hit songs when she first started the scene but I really think it was because of the music videos.

Last night was terrible though. She came out to a boxing ring, she wanted to look like a boxer so she put a robe on. What I learned from the perfomance is that she can't dance anymore and the kids that she has had did a number on her body. She wore loose clothes that made her look frumpy and very unappealing. Her song was two sentences long that she just repeated fifty or more times. "I am thrown on my Louis Vuittons." Really, that was one of the sentences. I think it really just showed her as a fraud.

The best part about the performance is watching her fall on her fat ass.

J.Lo you suck.

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