Saturday, January 16, 2010

Book of Eli.

Last night I went out to watch the book of Eli staring Denzel Washington. It is about a man heading west in apocalyptic times. A war destroyed the world making the sun blinding.

You follow a lone character through his journey into a town that is run by a power hungry man. I wouldn't say the character was bad he was doing what was best for his town, and him. He sends people out to look for a book which he considers a weapon. Eli, Denzels character has the book he wants, but he wont let him have it. He even has the book memorized but will fight to the death for it.

In between the light dialog there is some action, but other than that it is just of a man walking. It is really not that good of a movie. When I was done watching it I felt as if I wasted my time. I was entertained a little bit but since the story was so slow it really got me bored and that boredom really wore me out. I didn't like the character Eli and his mystery reveal at the end of the movie. It seemed that they wanted to be a lot like the sixth sense but not as cool. I was like why didn't he just give up the book. And the book it self was the 'reason' the world ended as they knew it.

I give this movie 2 stars out of five. And would recommend to watch it when it comes out on tv, don't spend money for it cause it isn't worth it. Bad performance all together.

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