Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tough day to be a United fan.

So today I started like any other day, woke up, took a shower, got dressed and browsed the internet before I went to work. To my shock I looked at my home page, which is the wonderful; which shouldnt come as a surprise being that I am a boy and all but an article on there caught my attention right away. Real Madrid pays $131M for Ronaldo. I clicked it thinking they where just bidding to try to get the mega star like they did last year, but nope. They payed $131 million, £80M, €93.9M god damn that is a lot of money.
He is one of the greatest players on the planet right now and he is only 24 so that means he has at least 6-7 years of top form still to play. This comes off of the heals of another deal that Madrid made this week for Brazilian Kaka that was for $97M. So to sum it up they have the right and left side of their offense locked down perfectly with two of the best at their positions.
I never thought Manchester United would have gotten rid of Ronaldo. I thought he was going to stay there for a few more years especially when he releases statements about this is where he wants to be. He had always dreamed about playing for Madrid, and there was always a commotion about him leaving the Devils for them the last couple of years. But this year he really seemed as if he wanted to stay. I didn't think Sir Alex was going to let him go either but I guess in these troubled times when someone throws that much money at you, you have to take it. I am going to be sad watching the Devils play without #7, I am sure they will find another one, but he will be a project like Ronaldo was after he replaced Beckham in 2003.
Another thing I realized looking at this article is that the US currency has really gone to shit. I know that it has taken some knocks but I expected it to make somewhat of a comeback.

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