Monday, June 1, 2009

I will no longer watch MTV!

Last night I watched a little bit of MTV's movie awards and in two words I can sum it all up for you if you missed it, "It Sucked." I may not be apart of the MTV crowd anymore now that I turned 25 but I think I should be. I grew up watching the channel, I stuck to parts that where very compelling, but some how now it has gone to shit. I have given up on them.

Instead of doing what made them unique and famous, playing Music Videos, they now go to scripted reality shows like "the Hills," "The City" and "the Real World (which is as real as me using my farts as a mode of transportation.) and "The Dual." First of all I have noticed that just about every show they have on there starts with "The" have some variety come on. Second if you are going to do a reality show make a new Real one, not one that they have to shoot the same scene over and over until they get it completely right. It is not reality when they tell you to do something over and over.

Back to the Movie Awards, I remember when they had hosts that could actually make you laugh or be entertained. But now they dig at the bottom of the barrel, Andy Samburg is funnier then me but he isnt that funny at all or even remotely entertaining. They where like shit everyone is declining us lets go with this dude.

MTV has lost it's meaning over the years and they need to get their image back. Because the shit they have on now is terrible, enough with bringing back old school "Real world" people you have done that competition thing to death, they are a bunch of egotistical morons. They make enough money traveling across the country going to bars and drinking for free because they are the supposed draw, but we all know the $1 drinks really are what the people came to see.

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