Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Movie review on Pixars UP.

Pixar has done it again! Another great movie by the best animated shop in Hollywood. Every movie they come out with is better then the last.

Last night I went with some friends to see the newly released Pixar movie UP. Which is about a old man that befriends a young boy on his way to an adventure. They find themselves in South America trying to put the old man's house on Paradise Bluff, which is where he and his wife dreamed about going for their entire life. They meet some interesting creatures along the way, like Kevin, a local exotic bird, and my favorite Dug, a talking Golden Retriever. Dug is one of the greatest characters ever, he is the character that everyone is going to want after they see the movie.

Pixar does a really good job about invoking every emotion you have when they tell the story. I dont know how they do it but it affects all ages about the same way. It is amazing that they make you feel in the movie no matter the age.

I dont really want to say to much more about the movie because I dont want to spoil it for you. But this movie is THE must see movie of the summer. It is amazing, check out the 3D like I did and you will forget you are wearing glasses. As I am writing this I am thinking about going back and seeing it again, it was that good. That is why I am giving it the highest rating that I possibly can five stars out of five.

"I know a joke, this squirrel went up to a tree and said, 'Hey I didnt store enough nuts for the winter, I'm dead.' I hate squirrels." Dug

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