Thursday, December 10, 2009

Poor Poor Tiger

The last couple of weeks has been terrible for Tiger Woods. He had a 9 iron to the skull when his wife finally learned of his infidelity. Who ever knew that that would help Tiger's street cred, who would want to mess with a guy that took a shot like that, even though it was from a girl.

As for his cheating, I dont get it. He is Tiger Woods the world's greatest golfer, making more money per year than any other professional athlete. He could have any girl on the block and he choose women, who are not nearly as sexy as his wife. All I have to say is come on Tiger, I excepted better.

I am tired of hearing this story over and over and how many women the toll is up too. I really dont care. He is a professional athlete, shit happens. He is one of the most recognizable athletes in the world. Basketball, football, and pretty much anyone that is a professional athlete get women anytime they want and the bad thing is they dont have to try, I dont understand why this is new.

Now we all know what is going to happen, he is going to come out and say he is a sex addict and that to save his marriage and his money he will go into counseling. I dont see the problem because every guy has a sex addict, but we dont have the money or fame to have it all the time.

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